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OnleiheVerbundHessen - at a glance!


What is the OnleiheVerbundHessen?

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The OnleiheVerbundHessen is an online system of holdings offered by various libraries in Hesse, which enables you to borrow digital media (eBooks, ePapers, eAudios books, eMusic and eVideos).

What are eBooks?

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eBooks are books in digital form. They offer you options that you do not have with printed books. For instance, you can search through eBooks for terms in a targeted way or mark them with comments without damaging the book.

What do eAudio books, eMusic, eVideo, and ePaper mean?

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eAudio books are audiobooks in digital form; eMusic is digitized music; eVideos are films; ePapers are periodicals and magazines in digital form. You can use this content on your computer or on your smartphone.

How can I use the OnleiheVerbundHessen?

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There are only two requirements for using the OnleiheVerbundHessen, namely, that you have a valid library card for the Library of one of the libraries taking part and an Internet connection at home. You receive a library card and a password at your library.

When is the OnleiheVerbundHessen open for business?

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The holdings are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can access and borrow the digital media from any Internet terminal of your choice at any time.

What are the costs involved?

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There are no costs involved for downloading media using the OnleiheVerbundHessen. So there is no additional cost to you beyond your library membership and usual Internet connection charges.

How do I return media to the OnleiheVerbundHessen?

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Just as with books, films, and CDs of the eLibrary, there is a time limit for using media from the eLibrary system. You do not have to worry about returning media to the Library. As soon as the loan period expires, the files can no longer be used, i.e. opened. It is best to delete them from your PC. It is also possible to return borrowed eBooks manually via Adobe Digital Editions, the Onleihe-App or other Reading-Apps.

How many media can I borrow?

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The maximum number of media that can be borrowed from the OnleiheVerbundHessen at any given time is limited to 30 titles.

For how long can I borrow the various media?

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The loan period for eBooks and eAudio books is at most 14 days; for eVideo, and eMusic it is 7 days. The loan period for our eMagazines is 1 day, and ePapers are vailable to you for 1 hour. When you want to exit OnleiheVerbundHessen you should log out through "Logout" on the upper right side of the screen.

Can I also reserve media that are unavailable at the moment?

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Using the reserve function, you can request to be informed when a title that has been out on loan becomes available again. You then receive an email sent to the email address you have provided. Please note that you can reserve a maximum of 10 titles at a time.

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