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Online digital media loans - Tips & Tricks


What does the title-related information on the Details page tell me?

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The title-related information shows you how many copies of a title exist in the onlineBibliothek. Each copy can be borrowed only once at any given time. If all copies are on loan (available copies: 0) or if the number under “Reserve“ is larger than 0, other users interested in the title have already reserved it. The information under "Available on" provides the exact date on which the title will be available again.

What do the Terms and Conditions of Use on the Details page mean?

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Under the Terms and Conditions of Use, you will find which rights pertain to certain content. Some eBooks, for example, can be printed in their entirety, while others may only be printed partially. The respective terms and conditions are set by the publisher or content provider. Here you will also find the loan period applicable to a title. The loan periods are set by the participating libraries.

How can I provide a User rating?

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After having borrowed a title, you can rate it in order to help other onlineBibliothek users make choices regarding the titles they are interested in. To do this, go to „My Borrowed Items“ in your account and indicate your rating for the specific title (5 = very good, 4 = good, ... 1 = okay).

What does „Place into the Library Basket“ mean?

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You would place a media item into the Library Basket in order to reserve it for yourself for a limited time and borrow it later – just like you would take a book from a library shelf while continuing to search for other titles, or proceed to check out. In order to borrow the item in the Library basket, you have to log on with your access data (username and password of your my account).

What do I do if I have place a title into the basket by mistake?

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You can either put the title back via “Remove” or simply do nothing: the title is removed from your Library Basket automatically after 30 minutes.

Can I return media before the due date?

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Returning loan items before the due date is currently not possible.

Can I borrow more than one copy of a title at the same time?

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You cannot borrow more than one copy of a title at the same time. The system recognises whether you have already borrowed the title. If this is the case, you cannot borrow it.

What do I do if the download has been interrupted?

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Try to download the title a second time.

How can I get an overview of the titles I have borrowed and reserved?

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Check your User Account, which you can access via the navigation bar. The titles you have borrowed and reserved are displayed there.

Can I forward my recommendation of an interesting title to a friend?

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At the end of every title display, you have the option of forwarding a recommendation of the title to another person by clicking on "Recommend this title." A display will appear where you need only to fill in your email address, the recipient’s email address, and perhaps a subject line or text message, and then click on "send message" -- the recommendation is then forwarded with your information.

Can I preview media before borrowing a title?

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There is a preview for every title. Excerpts of digital media can be read (PDF symbol), listened to (Media Player symbol) or watched (Media Player symbol). By clicking on the applicable logo, you can listen to a small portion of an eAudio item or read a few pages of an eBook.

Can I transfer the titles to other devices as well?

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eAudio books or eAudios, besides being usable on your computer, are also usable on many DRM (Digital Rights Management)-compatible MP3 players. You can find a list of all compatible players on the Start Page of your onlineBibliothek, within the Service Box.