der OnleiheVerbundHessen. Between Plagiarism and Experimentation




From the beginning of the early 1990's onwards cover versions of old songs were flooding the billboard charts. The economic concept that is behind the idea of covering songs is as simple as effective: The financial costs of such a production are mainly low for the music industry, the creative effort is in most cases also negligible. The desired outcome, namely financial success, is programmed, since one can be sure that a song which the masses already liked once will be liked and bought a second time, as long as the latest style is reflected in the piece. But is it justified to label all efforts to re-record a song as piracy? This essay tries to give some answers and enlists many examples. - Postmodernism: Metafiction and Rewriting - Categories of cover versions - Jorge Luis Borges: Pierre Menard, Autor del Quijote

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