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Female Leadership: Equal Rights

Female Leadership: Equal Rights

Autor*in: Lutz, Barbara; McLaughlin, Catriona; Burel, Dr. Simone

Jahr: 2021


Shaping the future with equal leadership - Barbara Lutz's Women's Career Index shows how this can be done. The WCI's key figures make emotional debates superfluous. The results reveal where adjustments still need to be made in the company when it comes to the proportion of women. No one can look away here, because numbers are clear. Language shapes our thinking and how we view the world - In this course, you will experience how words change our mindset and how gender-responsive recruiting works for more diversity works. Be amazed at what happens when you simply replace the word 'must' with 'want'. A new world with new freedoms will be revealed to you. Linguist and entrepreneur Dr. Simone Burel shows you how to do this. How change can succeed with diverse teams - Accenture, the world's largest management and strategy consultancy, is considered a pioneer in diversity. No problem, because it is already in the DNA of the company to remain flexible and thus constantly undergo change. Active in over 13 industry groups in more than 50 countries, the consultancy shows us how a diverse corporate culture can be lived and also that key figures are necessary for this. Knowing how: Women in leadership positions - The sociologist and President of the Social Science Research Centre Berlin Prof. Jutta Allmendinger, PhD, gives tips for decision-makers and women with career aspirations. She makes an appeal to all of us and reminds us that a change towards more equality can only succeed if all tackle and approach each other together - business, society and politics.

Titel: Female Leadership: Equal Rights

Autor*in: Lutz, Barbara; McLaughlin, Catriona; Burel, Dr. Simone

Verlag: Zeit Akademie

Kategorie: eLearning, Persönlichkeitsentwicklung, Leadership & Change

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