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Titelliste: 1. A Crazy Sound Convoy: Your body is a wonderland; 2. Absolutely Fantastic: Lady in red; 3. Clueless: Erotica; 4. Clueless: All for love; 5. Attraction: Sexueal healing; 6. Air Lovers: The joker; 7. Attraction: Cruisin; 8. Anything: My love is your love; 9. Attraction: Let¸s get it on; 10. Astonished: You sang to me; 11. Astonished: Man i feel like a woman; 12. Clueless: Here with me; 13. Anything: Jumpin jumpin; 14. Anything: Hit em up style; 15. Anything: Family affair; 16. Anything: No scrubs; 17. Mc Platinum: No diggity; 18. Clueless: Truly madly deeply u.v.m.